Basic Exterior Wash/Detail Package

My quick wash will consist of cleaning the entire exterior of the vehicle. I will start with a pre soak foam to start the removal of loose dirt. Then follow with cleaning the rims/wheels to include the wheel wells. I will then wash all exterior areas. Then carefully dry the entire vehicle using compressed air and microfiber towels. I will then protect the paint with a spray sealant and clean all glass. I’ll finish with adding dressing to the tires for a gloss finish. Prices start at $100 depending on the size/condition of your vehicle.

Interior Detail Package

BASIC PACKAGE: This package includes vacuuming the entire vehicle to remove dirt, dust, and human/pet hair. I will also wipe clean all glass, mirrors, plastic, vinyl and rubber interior parts. This package does not remove stains in seats or heavy dirt/grime stains. Prices start at $100 depending on size and condition of vehicle. 

One Step Paint Correction Package

If you are looking to remove light swirls, scratches, water spots, and restore your paints original gloss then this will be the service for you. I will complete the steps in my basic exterior wash/detail package but also polish the entire vehicle with a machine buffer using a polish/wax. Then I will coat the vehicle with a spray sealant to protect the newly polished paint. Prices start at $200 depending on the size and condition of vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Package

Ceramic Coating will protect the car from most scratches, dirt and will add another level of protection. The Ceramic Coating will be applied to the car paint, exterior glass, and rims. I recommend this coating after a paint correction to protect the newly polished paint. There are different options when deciding which ceramic coating you would like applied. You can choose between a ceramic coating or a ceramic spray. Prices depend on size of vehicle and which coating is being applied. 

Interior Add Ons

Excess Pet Hair Removal - Prices Start at $30

Shampoo Carpets and Seats - Prices Start at $50 

Exterior Add Ons

  Headlight Restoration - Prices Start at $75 

Plastic Trim Restoration - Prices Start at $20

   Badge/Emblem Removal - Prices Start at $20

Ceramic Coat Glass Only - Prices Start at $40

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